Monday Motivation #6 Results

Guys, what a day. What. A. Day. From my first class to the rearranged store to a quiz that I didn't have to take... it's been an adventure. And I'm happy to report that my motivation worked--spectacularly. I'm not always conscious of my mood--in fact, I find myself more often than not living in the … Continue reading Monday Motivation #6 Results

Monday Motivation #6

If you chance to meet a frown Do not let it stay. Quickly turn it upside down And smile that frown away. No one likes a frowning face. Change it for a smile. Make the world a better place By smiling all the while. ~Children's Primary Song, Smiles Yup. Today has the niggling feeling that … Continue reading Monday Motivation #6

On Millennials

Ethnically diverse. Entitled. Planet Friendly, people friendly. Self-absorbed. Sissy, unconventional, unpredictable, immature. I've seen all those words used to describe the Millennial generation. I've gotten a bit wary, growing up, in claiming my generation. But last week I heard something that changed my entire perspective. And I haven't stopped thinking about it since. A millennial … Continue reading On Millennials