A few days ago, I was innocently surfing the net (read: watching kdrama and blogging) when I ran across a post that rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe they were just trying to be hip, or maybe they were genuinely against the tradition, but I found some serious negativity about New Year’s Resolutions.

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Seriously. Who doesn’t like New Year’s Resolutions?

But I kept thinking about it, especially as I finished making my own resolutions and prepared to post them here. And I finally hit upon why I like New Year’s Resolutions, if not why this person did not.

New Year’s Resolutions mean striving for personal change and progress.https://www.aromahead.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/About-Aromatherapy-500x334.jpg

Too many mantras these days say: “I’m perfect, just the way I am, and you all have to love me no matter what I do.” And I don’t think that’s true at all.

Yes, I deserve to be loved.

No, I’m not perfect, and that’s not why I am worth so much.

Credit to David Bowman

I’m loved because I’m God’s child, because He first loved me. Even though I sin and you sin and we all make terrible, messy mistakes at times, we have the potential to change and grow from our pasts—and that makes me worth loving.

I am worth so much because that is what God was willing to pay for me.

Credit to Franz Schwartz

Christ atoned for my sins, my mistakes, my sorrows and my hard times so that I could use them, learn from them—and draw nearer to Him. He made it possible for me not only to live again, but to return to Him and my Father in Heaven. Because of Him, I can move on. Because of Him, I can change.https://cozybooks.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/infinity-1092775_960_720.jpg?w=470

And that’s why I like New Year’s Resolutions. Because I don’t want to celebrate just who I am—because to be honest I’m an often impatient, often immature, often positive and charming and slightly selfish young woman. And I want to change, to become better, to live more like Christ in the year to come.

So, for what it’s worth, here are my New Year’s Resolutions. May God help me meet them all:

  1. Lose 10 lbs. I’ve done it before—I’ve lost 30 lbs before—and then I gained back a third of it. Laaaame, and not staying.
  2. Pray every day—real, sincere prayer. Twice, if I can. This is a habit that should have been formed a long time ago, and I need to get into it again. Not just on the go, but for reals.
  3. Submit my mission papers. I want to serve the Lord, and this year it’s happening.
  4. Go on 5 dates, with 5 different people. Don’t laugh, this is hard for me. Baby steps, that’s all I’m asking for here.
  5. Journal every day. For a girl who loves to write, I’m a terrible journal keeper. But I won’t let that stop me! Even if I have to blog it, I will journal!

This isn’t the extent of the things I want to accomplish in 2017, not by a long shot. I have other goals too, more private ones. But these at least I’m so serious about I want to internet to hold me to them.

So here’s to 2017: you never gain a habit until you start today. Happy New Year!


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