The night was chill and dark, the snow was constant, the bus was uncomfortably warm and short of seats, the company was… company, and that 4 hour adventure was real.


I had a lovely day on the slopes with my family, and I think God knew I’d need it for the loooong ride at the end of it all. After no less than an hour waiting for a bus through a snowstorm, 2h2omin of straight standing on a bus back and a further harrowing trip home, I have decided my family was the best support and motivation I could have had today. The interior of the bus became our stage; my phone, the neighbor passengers and some pictures of Lee Jong Suk became the entertainment; my family was the prize. Cheerful, weary and slightly nauseous we are nevertheless in one piece–happy, hopeful, and thanking God that we made it safely home. I hope I get to have more Mondays like this, really I do.


Also, the skiing was great. Happy Monday, everyone!


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