With the next semester looming ahead, I find myself more and more often taking quiet moments to reflect on myself, home and my growing up experience. Making the move at least reminds me of a few very important things:

  1. It’s always harder to wake up when your mom’s not there.
  2. You may think chocolate is always the answer, but the scale doesn’t.
  3. Never forget to carry home with you.
Em Marriage not Dating acontece o inverso: A mocinha carrega o mocinho ...
Lol if only home really did look like Yeon Woo-Jin.

I’m back in the same position I was six months ago–making the transition to my little apartment life. And I’m finding it harder to leave this time, a little slower to pack up my things, a little less enthusiastic about uprooting again and settling back down. Because, let’s be real, I do have to mind the gap.

Mind the Gap

There’s lots of places you can go to learn about staying true to yourself–having a single, genuine you–in lots of circumstances. And I get that, and I want to be true to who I am. But what about the habits, the wake up times, the feeling of home and the blessed exercise programs… or the lack thereof? What about the differences between my real mom and my roommate family, and the distance between me and my support system?

And then I remembered. There is a gap, yes, and it’s worth watching. But there never has to be any space between me and the best source of love, encouragement and strength out there: my God.

Gentle Healer, by Greg Olsen

I have a source of unyielding strength. A well of energy for when I’m down, and a refuge from the darkest storms I might encounter. God loves me more than I can describe with this limited internet space, and I love Him. He is the way, He is the light. He is the key to staying true to myself–despite changing circumstances, shifting relationships and growing pains, God will keep me steady throughout it all.

He is more than the protector of my joy. He is my joy.

... You, C. S. Lewis, For These Oh So Meaningful Quotes | Proverbs Way

This time, as I’m crossing back into a life on my own, I won’t forget that I have the greatest cheerleader ever–and the best lifeline available.

I’ve never moved out for a second time… why not let it be an adventure?

not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength ...

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