I’m so sorry! I meant to update how my Monday went, but it was pretty busy, all told.

I’ve been reminded over the last few days of just how much socializing can take out of a person, and it’s been a mixed feeling to get back at the end of the day dead tired, with what feels like not enough time to get everything done I want to.

But I think my Monday Motivation really worked its magic this time, because I can feel myself starting to change. I’m not clinging to the old me so much, and I’m willing to try more new things and meet more people and might even try to remember their names (yeah, I’m pretty bad at that).

I won’t pretend that it’s really Kenny Rogers who’s brought about this shift, however, because I know that such a transformation–even a slow one–can only be brought about by my God. So yeah, I had a good Monday. Hard, but no less amazing for it.

Final Verdict: Growth is good, Monday is good, perspective is good. Happy hump day!

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