Weight: 123.6lbs. I’m doing good! I’m dooooing good. Dieting is hard. (cries to myself just a little bit)

Mood: Unwilling, but determined to turn that around. I have a long shift at work today and really want it to be over already. Breakfast will help.

Spirit: Paying attention. I’ve been keeping up on good habits and feel amazing. But with that comes a little Spiritual spidey-sense (the Spirit) back into my life. I’m working to pay attention to its promptings and obey… promptly. Immediately. Because the Spirit asks me to serve, and I want to serve.

mosiah 2 17 | Scripture of the Month | Pinterest

PS. My biggest lesson this week: Success is a lot of unseen work. Dieting, good grades, good friendships, good spirituality–there’s a lot of effort and time that goes into it to make that happen. Even and especially things we take for granted a lot of the time–someone coming to pick you up, the roads getting plowed in the mornings, the stores opening on time… a lot of unseen hands make that happen. Today I want to say thank you to someone I know works really hard… so there’ll probably be a gratitude note later, too. Happy Saturday!


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