I’d have written this late last night after getting off of work… but at that point I was so tired all I really wanted was some drama, good food and a hug from my best friend roomie. And in the spirit of the motivation, I also realized it’s ok to give myself some time to breath before hitting the keyboard again.

Slow down and enjoy yourself a little more, don’t be so serious ...

So. Yesterday. My Motivation. Sometimes, you just have days when you wish that customers were more considerate… or that there were just less of them. That would surely make the job easier, right? I’m laughing to myself even as I write this, so I take that as a no, it would just make your job non-existent. And I was right–yesterday was super busy, both before and after work. And up until about the last hour and a half of my shift, it was a pretty terrible day.

good days bad days quotes MEMEs
You know who I feel bad for? The guy who has to tip it all back up.

And then I really remembered what my motivation was all about. And I stopped. I took my own invitation and, in the middle of the aisle, in my nice work uniform, with a long list of things to do–I breathed. And I said a little ten second prayer (I counted). And He heard me.

And then my shift was saved.

When There are No Words, God Still Hears

It didn’t get super easy all of a sudden, and it didn’t miraculously cure people’s tendency to hide their “I decided against this” items instead of customering up and giving it to one of us, but it totally changed my mood.

I was tired, I was a little bit sore and definitely busy… but I had a better perspective on things again. And that felt really good. And I was able to smile more and help more and finish my work with a better attitude (and I really did have a pretty good shift, thinking back). And better yet? I feel better this morning already. So I say it worked, when I remembered to let it.

Final Verdict: Don’t forget what you’ve challenged yourself to do. Because it works, and you will feel better–especially if God is involved.



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