Weight: 123.2 lbs (lol and I know why.)

Mood: Really good, until I looked at my grades–they’re not bad, but I’m gonna need to work harder than I’d like to keep them that way. Now I feel kind of exposed to my weaknessness–I love my classes but I might have to prepare for some less than stellar grades.

Spirit: Really good. I got to Mosiah 15 in my Chinese Book of Mormon, and there are some really great verses with some really great translations in there. My favorites were Mosiah 15:10-12:

10 现在,我告诉你们,谁来宣布他的后代呢?看啊,我告诉你们,他的灵魂被献为赎罪祭时,他必看见他的后裔。现在,你们认为呢?谁会是他的后裔?

11 看啊,我告诉你们,凡听先知话语的,是的,听所有预言主来临的圣先知话语的人—我告诉你们,凡听他们的话,相信主会救赎他人民,并盼望着那一天他们的罪能得赦免的人,我告诉你们,这些人就是他的后裔,换句话说,他们就是神国的继承人。

12 他为这些人承担了他们的罪;他为这些人而死,把他们从罪中救赎出来。他们不就是他的后裔吗?

I just think it has a lot of great insight to read it in the Chinese.

General Feeling:

Yup. This is reality. But reality is fun too!

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