If parts of this post are incoherent, it’s because I fell ill (not deathly so, thank goodness) over the weekend. I’ve been coughing up nothing for the last three days, and I only probably have a fever (I really ought to buy a thermometer). But I figured that was more reason than ever to get motivated today. Because guess what? College stops for no cold.

I woke up this morning and really didn’t know what was going to get me through the day–except a ray of hope that a phone call last night gave me. My dear, sweet mom said she’d probably stop by this afternoon… and if that’s not worth hanging in there until the end of classes I don’t know what is. I can only hope it’ll be enough to get me through work after she leaves, too. (The rest of me hopes my manager will take one look at me and say, “Cozybooks, go home!”

Mom Quote Home is

And I’ve never been a huge Megan Trainer fan, but I absolutely love this song of hers. It might take a few times on repeat, but hopefully it works!

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