If you chance to meet a frown

Do not let it stay.

Quickly turn it upside down

And smile that frown away.

No one likes a frowning face.

Change it for a smile.

Make the world a better place

By smiling all the while.

~Children’s Primary Song, Smiles

Yup. Today has the niggling feeling that it could possibly be a rare really bad day. I have a quiz on material never covered, I’m turning in an application without much confidence and it’s absolutely freezing outside. But while walking through drifts of snow to get here I kept thinking of things that would motivate me, make me happy. One of my biggest regrets last semester is not being more consciously happy. So even if it’s hard, today I’m gonna replace my frown with a smile. Maybe this will help, too:

Because really, who wouldn’t want Got7 dancing in their cereal bowl?

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation #6

  1. Hi nice poem quote to begin with..
    Being consciously happy isn’t often the best solution. When your happy by default and you arent worrying about getting that positive feeling constantly..
    Thats the way to get going 🙂

    Pls do go thru my blogposts which are of interest and leave your feedback so that I may be motivated to write more :))
    Cheers !!


  2. I 100% agree with choosing to be happy- it’s simple but makes a huge difference. Also Just Right makes a huge difference too. I’m pretty sure they’re singing and dancing just to tell me that I’m going to rock today. ^^

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