Guys, what a day. What. A. Day. From my first class to the rearranged store to a quiz that I didn’t have to take… it’s been an adventure. And I’m happy to report that my motivation worked–spectacularly.

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I’m not always conscious of my mood–in fact, I find myself more often than not living in the same, rote manner… following a routine like the rest of us. But like a few months ago, I discovered that living subconsciously doesn’t make me happy. I make me happy. And so today I made a conscious effort to see life as an adventure. To not take things too seriously and be the actor in my life, not the reactor.

Be happy. Be Bright. Be you. | Daily Positive Quotes

So I had a great day today. Even though I woke up late–even though I stayed after work for 30 min–even though I’m sure there was a lot more that probably I could have noticed and felt down about–I’m feeling great. Being happy is the best. And I know that I have even more reason to be, because Jesus Christ is my Lord. Good Night!

Date: Today. To do: Be happy. | Daily Positive Quotes

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