Weight: 120 lbs. (I’m so close! It feels good to be back at 120–it’s amazing the difference a few pounds makes in the way I feel. I don’t wake up with back pain anymore, and I feel good in my skin again.)

Mood: Happy, Sassy and a bit Apologetic. I’m spending a lot of time with family and friends this weekend, so I’m happy. I bought a new outfit for myself that makes me feel so sassy (it’s the best). But my family time came at the sacrifice of time with a friend I’ve been wanting to get closer with… so I’m trying to work out a way to make it up to her.

Spirit: I woke up, said my prayers, read my scriptures, and still have this niggling feeling I need to be doing something more with my life. I don’t know yet what God wants me to do, but I’m going to find it.

General Feeling:



Credit to Puuung (totally one of my favorite artists)

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