I’ve been absent in the last few weeks, guys, and I’m sorry for that. I figured I should probably give an explanation, so here I am. And here you go!

I wonder sometimes if I’m cut out to be a blogger. At least, in a genre like this. I’m not always eloquent and I tend to wax didactic and wordy at the same time, which is death on the internet. Then I remind myself I’m not really blogging for others but for myself, so that doesn’t matter–but that’s not even really true, right? I want to inspire others if I can, or even just lend my insight or show what’s worked for me. And yet I never like the work I put out when that’s my goal–I fell forced, and fake, and wonder if I wasted an hour or two crafting that latest post when I didn’t really have much to say at all. So then I’m back to blogging for myself, let others take what they will.

But that’s not the truth either, because I’m human and everybody wants somebody to read their work. And so you get all sorts of “how to blog” posts: craft a tone, visit other sites, pick a genre, follow this formula and bam it works. Only it doesn’t always really, and that’s ok. I don’t really want to craft a tone anymore, I want to write down my thoughts.

All of this really does have a point, don’t worry. A set of New Blogging Resolutions, I suppose. Because I don’t want to give up, and I want this blog to be something I enjoy, like my K-Drama blog (because believe me, that one’s just pure fun). So here they are, a record on the interwebs that I can look back on later:

  1. One blog post a week at minimum. That’s all I’m asking, no other rules on what you post–no schedules, no series unless you want to get into that later. Long, short, just a photo, a weekly weigh-in–but something.
  2. Don’t be afraid to post short thoughts. Something doesn’t have to be fully fleshed out for you to post about it. In fact, it might be rather more fun to post whenever you have a flash of inpsiration and track an idea as it forms and grows bigger. Besides, you like to think on things for a long time, figuring out the ins and outs–track that. Show it!
  3. If you’re short on ideas, just borrow from the greats. Read some more good poetry and books, listen to some better music, watch some better youtube videos. Remember, this blog is a way to change yourself for the better, so make sure the online is spilling over into real life.
  4. Have fun! Cliche, I know, but it was made a classic rule for a reason. You like life to be fun, Cozybooks, let it be so! Make it so! (Lol Star Trek).

Again, I apologize for having been so absent. Let’s see if this helps things out!


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