Doubt: n. or v. depending. 1To hesitate to believe. 2To be uncertain about something; be undecided in opinion or belief. (

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I have an interesting relationship with doubt–after all, I try to avoid it when I can. Or if I can’t avoid it, then ignore it and press forward anyway. But is that really the best thing to do? Some doubts are justified after all, whether they be in people or an outcome. Is not listening to them right? I think there’s something more to it, however, and I think it lies in what just barely happened above. I started writing, changed my mind, restarted and then wondered some more if what I was saying was valid. Then I kept going, thinking about how I wanted to word this. Then I considered briefly not posting, since maybe nobody would read it. And finally I decided that I really ought to, if only to prove a point to myself.

Don 39 t Doubt Quotes
This is an example of justified doubt. I doubt if Benjamin Franklin is actually on the record saying this.

Doubt doesn’t have to be a lack of belief. Sometimes it’s just a wavering of the heart, of your commitment to your actions. Or perhaps not even that–sometimes doubt is confused with simply thinking too much about something. Humans can talk themselves out of anything if they try hard enough. Well, not today.

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Doubt: n. or v. depending. To falter momentarily in your commitment. A moment of analyzation that lasts juuust too long, which often leads to missed opportunities and misused potential.

A Note From the Hagakure on Doubt and Overthinking: “Progress will come slow if your heart is not resolved. Make your decision, resolve your heart, calm your spirit, refresh your mind, and then break through every barrier until you reach your goal.”

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