Compartmentalized thinking interests me. I’m a rather compartmentalized thinker, myself, with a layer of metatagging on top of that. I’ll explain metatagging another time, but it’s a bit like blogging tags, if that helps any.

How To Fuel Your Imagination And Unleash Your Creativity | The ...

When I think in compartments, nothing can be overwhelming to me. Something can feel huge, and weighty and all encompassing and insurmountable… but no matter how hard I try I end up seeing it as merely one section of my life. Yes, it’s a section that sucks–for the moment–but there’s always another are of my life that’s going well. I might hate being judged or looked down on, but that’s not a continual state of being or occurrence. And if I work hard, I can put aside those displeased thoughts and focus on the good and happy. But is that the best way? It’s caused me a lot of grief at times. I’ll have to ruminate on this some more… later. I’m off to watch a k-drama now!

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