Dear Ssn,

I’ve had a lot of really good teachers in my life, in all their various forms. I’ve had amazing High School instructors, fabulous gospel teachers, learned a lot from my friends and been inspired by the examples of my family. But today I wanted to write you a note, however anonymous, to thank you for what you’ve been for me this semester.

You don’t just make learning fun–you make it a passion. You inspire me to ask questions, harder questions and better questions and more of them. You make me smile with your smile and laugh with your sense of humor. You’re a good woman, and the world needs more of them.

I wanted to thank you especially for the help you’ve given me on my midterm preparations. I’m not usually very good at asking for help, but you’ve made it less of a hurdle and more of a gentle invitation. Thank you for giving me more feedback than you needed to, it will probably ensure me a better grade than I deserve. Not that grades are everything, you’ve done a good job of teaching me that too–a hard task in college.

If I was really thinking I’d have tried to write this all in Korean, since that would’ve demonstrated how well I’ve learned. Maybe I’ll do that next time, but for now, I’ll just say thank you. ^^ You’re the best!



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