Monday Motivation #4

It's funny how life reminds you of things. Well, maybe it's less a quirk of the Universe and more a prompting of the Spirit, which I'd be very inclined to believe. Because I don't remember when I last thought of this, but sitting in church yesterday (which was awesome, by the way) I was struck … Continue reading Monday Motivation #4

Weekly Weigh-In: January 14, 2017

Weight: 123.6lbs. I'm doing good! I'm dooooing good. Dieting is hard. (cries to myself just a little bit) Mood: Unwilling, but determined to turn that around. I have a long shift at work today and really want it to be over already. Breakfast will help. Spirit: Paying attention. I've been keeping up on good habits … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In: January 14, 2017

On Millennials

Ethnically diverse. Entitled. Planet Friendly, people friendly. Self-absorbed. Sissy, unconventional, unpredictable, immature. I've seen all those words used to describe the Millennial generation. I've gotten a bit wary, growing up, in claiming my generation. But last week I heard something that changed my entire perspective. And I haven't stopped thinking about it since. A millennial … Continue reading On Millennials