Gratitude Note: Taught

Dear Ssn, I've had a lot of really good teachers in my life, in all their various forms. I've had amazing High School instructors, fabulous gospel teachers, learned a lot from my friends and been inspired by the examples of my family. But today I wanted to write you a note, however anonymous, to thank … Continue reading Gratitude Note: Taught

Gratitude Note: Quizzed Out

"The brave love mercy, and delight to save." ~John Gay Dear 선생님, You know, they have a word for it in Korean: Chakhada, 착하다. To be kind hearted and good natured. Or alternately you were being considerate, Chinjeorlhada, 친절하다. Either way, I'm really grateful you delayed our Korean quiz a few days ago so we'd … Continue reading Gratitude Note: Quizzed Out