Monday Motivation #5 Results

In a devastating turn of events, I've officially contracted the plague (not actually officially, that would be a lot worse). I'm calling in sick to work and going back to bed. But I didn't want to leave everyone hanging on how my Monday went, so here I am. In a nutshell: My mom is an … Continue reading Monday Motivation #5 Results


Weekly Weigh-In: January 7, 2016

Weight: 124.8 lbs. I'm on track, yay! slow but steady, that's the ticket. Mood: Conflicted. On the one hand I love my new roommate, a dear friend of mine. On the other hand... I'm feeling the tear away from home again. I want my mom, my family, the familiar smells and sounds. But I'm determined! … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In: January 7, 2016