Gratitude Note: Taught

Dear Ssn, I've had a lot of really good teachers in my life, in all their various forms. I've had amazing High School instructors, fabulous gospel teachers, learned a lot from my friends and been inspired by the examples of my family. But today I wanted to write you a note, however anonymous, to thank … Continue reading Gratitude Note: Taught

On Thinking #1

Compartmentalized thinking interests me. I'm a rather compartmentalized thinker, myself, with a layer of metatagging on top of that. I'll explain metatagging another time, but it's a bit like blogging tags, if that helps any. When I think in compartments, nothing can be overwhelming to me. Something can feel huge, and weighty and all encompassing … Continue reading On Thinking #1

On Doubt #1

Doubt: n. or v. depending. 1To hesitate to believe. 2To be uncertain about something; be undecided in opinion or belief. ( ~ ~ ~ I have an interesting relationship with doubt--after all, I try to avoid it when I can. Or if I can't avoid it, then ignore it and press forward anyway. But is … Continue reading On Doubt #1